With the DCF experience we visualize your goals together. By translating the data and insights into actionable measures, we unlock the door to your next performance level.

fitting interview

1. Interview

We begin with an individualized interview to get to know your riding experience, injury history and cycling goals and come up with a customized program suggestion.

2. Body Dimension Measurement

Your fitter will record your body dimensions multiple times to ensure absolute accuracy.

3. Physical Assessment

Your fitter will perform a physical assessment and anatomical analysis to determine your unique physique, range of motion and ride capabilities.

4.Pedal and Saddle Assessment and Adjustment

Your fitter will measure and analyze your feet and saddle position to find the best positioning on the pedals and saddle for increased comfort and improved power transfer.

measuring saddle height on bike

1.Initial Bike Position Measurement

Your fitter will take detailed frame and component measurements of your current set-up. The comparative data will be used for a future AB test in the final fitting position.

2. On-Bike Dynamic Assessment and Adjustment

Your fitter and the DCF fit bike will capture your real-time dynamic pedaling movement and on-bike position in different riding scenarios.

post fitting process

1. Final Position Measurement

After determining the final fitting position, your fitter will take several measurements for the final profile.