Fast & Accurate Auto-Adjustment

The exclusive DCF fitting bike features wireless XY adjustment that can be fine-tuned to 1 mm. You can adjust the saddle & handle position while the rider is pedaling, increasing accuracy by keeping the rider on the contact points consistently, with no need to dismount.

Improved Professional Service

DCF facilities in the workshop are not only eye-catching, they also increase the professional profile of the store. Additionally, by offering various fitting service tiers, you can reach more customers.

Reduced Complaints

DCF helps your customers find the perfect frame, component and shoe size, reducing potential complaints of discomfort and costly product returns.

Enhanced Customer Relationships

With DCF in your shop, you can understand your customers cycling journey more
completely, cementing a relationship that can last for years. Professional fit also attracts new, high-end consumers to your shop, increasing future sales opportunities. Additionally, Dynamic Cycling Fit simplifies the
fitting process via state-of-the-art wireless control, and user-friendly app, saving your customers’ valuable time and improving their overall experience.

Increased Sales

DCF gives your customers a personally crafted data report and recommendations for bike, component and shoe choice. This level of in-house interaction and trust is a guaranteed avenue to increased bike and gear sales.