Niels Heuvelman

As an owner of one of the first bike fitting systems, Niels Heuvelman has known about the importance of proper bike fit since the early days, when he was still racing at a national level. A materials engineer by trade, Niels has worked in various jobs in the cycling industry, but from 2012, his focus has been 100% on bike fit. Niels has educated and interacted with bike fitters from all over the world, sharing ideas, collecting data from over 60.000 frames and components and working with almost all commercially available fitting systems.

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DCF Training System & Instructor

On-Line Training + In-Person Training = DCF Certified Fitter

The DCF training course is split into two modules, with one online and one in-person. All online modules are provided and assessed centrally by Giant. In-person modules will be given and assessed by the DCF course instructor, who has been personally certified by DCF consultant Niels Heuvelman.