Dynamic Cycling Fit

Fit To Break Boundaries

Performance is personal. It’s yours - yours to improve, yours to own.

Some factors are out of your control: the weather, the road, the route and the time of day. But some, like what you eat, how you work out the day before or how you fit on your bike, you can manage. And improve.

Performance is key. It’s in your head. It’s in your legs.

It’s the gear shift and the right amount of pedaling at just the right time that lets you reach the next level and become faster than the day before. Pushing your body will help get you far, but ensuring that you have the right bike setup will allow you to break limits and set a new standard.

With DCF you give yourself the chance to be the best.

With the DCF fitting experience we visualize your goals together. We show you that they are within reach and what you need to do to take the lead in realizing them. By translating your data and our insights into actionable measures, we unlock the door to your next level.