Dynamic Cycling Fit

Fit to Break Boundaries

DCF is a high tech fitting service brand. We are experts within fitting and performance, human in our approach to customers, professionals when it comes to our insights, achievers on behalf of our customers, cutting edge in the field of bicycle fitting services and advocates for health as an enabler of high performance.

Inside Dynamic Cycling Fit

Fit to be Better

Dynamic Cycling Fit looks at your unique physical properties and range of motion to find the best frame geometry, size, and component setup to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency.

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Fit to Break Barriers

Improper bike fit and set up can cause serious issues such as numbness in the hands and feet, knee pain, lower back pain, shoulder discomfort and more. Dynamic Cycling Fit offers a tailor-made bike fit solution make sure you can ride pain-free.

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Fit to Perform

The better the fit, the longer and faster you will ride. Dynamic Cycling Fit provides the most efficient riding position possible, unlocking your natural power for the short term and better training and performance for the long haul.

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Advanced Hardware & Software

DCF Fitting Bike

The DCF Fitting Bike is a state-of-the-art fit bike that utilizes advanced technology for an ultra-wide range of motion and real-time tool-free adjustment to find a rider’s best position. A unique gradient simulator, resistance freewheel, and power meter help capture the rider’s dynamic data in different real-life riding scenarios.

DCF Thermoforming Customized Insole

DCF Thermoforming insoles are molded directly from the cyclist’s foot and allow for a more balanced distribution of body weight, ensuring pedaling power falls on the sweet spot and avoiding strain and discomfort.

DCF APP & Motion Capture Software

The DCF APP and Motion Capture Software are feature with data-driven algorithms based on thousands of hours of rider testing and data from over sixty thousand frames and components.