Unlock Next Level Performance Data-Driven

Get the professional insight you need to unleash peak performance, avoid injury and achieve unparalleled comfort via the hard science behind DCF.

Total Biomechanics

DCF provides anatomical analysis of your body dimensions, muscle mass and range of pedaling motion. With three adjustable contact points, dynamic pedaling assessment, and precise 3D motion capture that ensures a comfortable body position, DCF helps you ride faster, farther and more comfortably.

Data-Driven Algorithm

Proven algorithms based on thousands of hours of rider testing and data from over 60,000 bike frames and

Real Life Cycling Simulation

The exclusive DCF fitting bike features wireless X/Y adjustment that can be fine-tuned via Bluetooth to 1 mm. You can adjust the saddle and handlebar position while the rider is pedaling, increasing accuracy by keeping the rider on the contact points consistently, with no need to dismount.