The DCF Fit Bike

The DCF Fit Bike is a state-of-the-art fit bike that utilizes advanced articulation to provide also an ultra-wide range of motion and real-time tool-free adjustment to find a rider’s best position. A unique gradient simulator, resistance freewheel, and power meter help capture the rider’s dynamic data in different real-life riding scenarios.

Precise Tool Free Adjustment

The exclusive DCF fitting bike features wireless X/Y adjustment that can be fine-tuned to 1 mm. You can adjust the saddle and handlebar position while the rider is pedaling, increasing accuracy by keeping the rider on the contact points consistently, with no need to dismount.

Ultra-Wide Fitting Range

Wide position adjustability features X/Y bike frame adjustability, 135mm to 180mm crank arm length adjustability, Q-Factor adaptors (140mm to 180mm) and universal mounts that accommodate for a huge variety of handlebars and saddles.

Realistic Ride Feel

The DCF Fit bike offers a realistic ride feel with a unique gradient simulator (±15°), 20W to 2,500W resistance freewheel and power meter to help capture the rider’s real-time dynamic pedaling movement and
position in different real-life scenarios.

The DCF Fit Bike

Precise Automatic Adjustment

DCF Thermoforming insoles are molded directly from the cyclist’s foot and allow for a more balanced distribution of body weight, ensuring pedaling power falls on the sweet spot and avoiding strain and discomfort.

DCF Custom Performance Insole

The performance insole is a stiff an d form-fitting option for cyclists who want the most efficient and stable power transfer, especially on flat and smooth surfaces. It works best with cycling shoes that have a stiff midsole

DCF Custom Endurance Insole

The endurance insole is a f lexible and relaxed-fitting option for cyclists who want all-day comfort, especially on long rides over bumpy and complex terrain. It works with most cycling shoes


The DCF APP combines with basic 2D bike fitting motion analysis and controls the DCF Bike. Using DCF Bike Fitting Algorithms and Database, it finds the correct size bike and initial set up with only a few body dimensions. After that, AI & ML Kit Pose Detection technology is used for video/motion analysis to check the rider’s posture on the bike and adjust the bike position accordingly to optimize.

• 2D single side motion analysis

• Ensures the rider has an optimal riding position

• Provides a fast twenty minute “Essential” fitting session

• Controls the DCF Bike and transfers positions directly to the bike from the app

• Also works with any indoor trainer

• Save and send bike fitting report directly from the app